Bingo Stars - £10 Bonus

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    This offer is for new Bingo Stars customers only.

    Click here to open an account with Bingo Stars.

    Open an account Bingo Stars. You do not need to make a deposit at this point, however you will need to attach your debit or credit card details to your account to activate the bonus.

    Open one of the bingo games and buy tickets, if you still have funds remaining then open up another bingo game and buy more tickets. Repeat the process until you have exactly £0 funds left.

    The bonus needs to be wagered through ten times (£100) on Bingo before you can withdraw. Wait until all of your games have been played and then refresh your balance to see how much you have won.

    The maximum amount that can be won from this offer is £20.

    This offer is risk-free but you aren't guaranteed to make a profit.

  • Tricky bunch these apparently something comes up saying would you like to opt in to this promotion. I didnt see anything but wasnt awarded £10. Went on LC and they said I didnt opt in. hmmm. As shown below badly underlined in red by me :) you have to opt in if you dont they wont credit you. Check everywhere before trying this guys


  • @bufcdb ah damn!
    I just registered with them and selected "no thanks" as I thought it was something to do with a deposit bonus.

    On to the next one.

  • @Freedom-mofo ah thats where it is. So easy to do mate

  • Having read this thread first I registered my card and accepted the £10 free bonus and I haven't got it either, cba to go on LC

  • I like bingo but £100 to wager through was a little laborious ... still, won the full house on my last ticket so have withdrawn £25.43 ... lets see if I get that full amount seeing as it only says £20??

  • Extremely annoying this one.

    I carefully read this Forum here before I joined, noticed it was a tricky one with their terms of how to get the £10 free money for games, so I was very careful when I joined and then registered my card.

    When I registered my Card I made absolutely 100% sure that I did NOT say ''No Thanks'' to the free £10 offer. I double checked it and made absolutely sure of it, but when I registered the Card - no money appeared in Account..??

    I spoke to Live Chat (hidden at bottom right) and the woman I spoke to said ''unfortunately you said No Thanks to the free offer, so theres nothing I can do''. I said there is no way at all I said ''No Thanks'' but she wouldnt budge and suggested I deposit in a totally different website which I think was a standard ''copied and pasted message''

    Basically, this one might work for some people, but I am not stupid and I dont get things wrong, so be careful with this one.

    I have now closed my account on this site.

  • @babybutter616 I had that same problem on one site a while back ... I knew that I'd not opted out, yet LC swore I did ... should've screenshot it I guess. It's very annoying though ... I don't like fakery!

  • When i go to claim this promotion it wont let me collect without adding a value into the deposit box when all i want to achieve is the free £10 deposit for registering a card. Do i register a new card or add 10 in the value box which should be the free bet? any advice would be appreciated.

  • Just spoke to live chat and they no longer offer the bonus.

    Chat started on 23 Jul 2017, 03:37 PM (GMT+0)
    (03:37:58) *** Visitor 39255515 joined the chat ***
    (03:37:58) Visitor 39255515: Hi, I haven't received the £10 welcome bonus?
    (03:38:05) *** Maria joined the chat ***
    (03:38:14) Maria: Hello and thank you for contacting Live Chat.
    (03:39:25) Maria: I'm sorry we no longer offer this bonus
    (03:39:49) Visitor 39255515: It's still on your promotional terms page
    (03:40:41) Maria: All currently active promotions are displayed on our promotions page
    (03:40:56) Maria: We currently offer a deposit £20 receive £40 bonus on your first deposit
    (03:41:47) Maria: This promotion is still displayed in our promotional terms as this has recently been removed and players may need to refer to the terms of the bonus.
    (03:41:54) Maria: Sorry for any confusion caused.
    (03:42:17) Visitor 39255515: okay, thank you
    (03:42:22) Maria: You are welcome
    (03:42:23) *** Visitor 39255515 left the chat ***

  • Maybe of interest to anybody doing this offer. I have just been paid my full balance, £44.19, happy days.