Crocodile Bingo - £5 Risk-Free

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    This site is a member of the Dragonfish family. So be sure you do these offers one at a time.

    Crocodile Bingo are offering £5 free to new customers. You do not need to deposit to claim this. Open your account using the link below and then attach a debit card to the account. Do not deposit at this point.

    Open one of the bingo games and buy tickets, if you still have funds remaining then open up another bingo game and buy more tickets. Repeat the process until you have exactly £0 funds left. The loophole for this offer appears not to be working any longer, however this is still risk-free and is worth a try.

    The bonus needs to be wagered through four times (£20) before you can withdraw.

    Wait until all of your games have been played and then refresh your balance to see how much you have won.

    Prior to a first withdrawal, a minimum of £20 must be deposited. When you do this you need to opt out of the first deposit bonus. Minimum withdrawal is £30 so ensure you deposit enough to take your total balance above £30. Note that the terms state that players must make at least one Bingo or Instant Game wager to qualify for a withdrawal. However, we have had previous success withdrawing without wagering.

    This is risk-free but you aren't guaranteed to make a profit.

  • @DarrenPA signed up no free £5 bet

  • Got the £5 won nowt.

  • @Korky1 You have to register a card, not deposit though

  • think it need say u need to reg card but no deposit. cos iv signed up didnt put card details in so no £5 bonus

  • won £15 after wagering

  • £27 up! My best bingo return yet :-)

  • £11.63 guaranteed for me on this, just about to do £20 wagering now

  • £18.03 after wagering, not bad little offer for ten mins

  • A minimum of £20 must be deposited before any withdrawal of winnings is made on this one, they then give you another bonus which i declined

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    @boerboel85 just despot a 5er and withdraw the lot and yes, cancel the bonus at withdrawl

  • @Hector i deposited a fiver, tried to withdraw and a message came up saying minimum deposit before withdrawal is £20

  • Moderators

    @boerboel85 then deposit £20 and it iwll be all gravy!

  • @Hector lol i have, i was just letting everybody know you have to deposit £20 to withdraw any winnings

  • Moderators

    @boerboel85 My bad!

  • @Hector :thumbsup:

  • None of them will play on my phone

  • is it worth getting deposit bonus with this compony as its a 300% one

  • Is this offer the 'Bingo Cams' one I got by email?

  • Is it possible to use the bonus offer (i've been e-mailed 500%) as looking at the t & Cs it seems to work the same as dragonfish etc @administrators

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