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    This offer is no longer worth doing.

  • Does anyone know if there is any potential legal comeback by the Bingo companies if you open multiple accounts and benefit from the bonus? Can't see anything in their Ts and Cs but welcome other viewpoints

  • @ryanb741 My guess would be they just would not payout, but it is only a guess, not sure

  • anyone done well from this offer?

  • @hikerme I lost the whole £100 on this, following it step by step. Just got very unlucky apparently. But they gave me £20 withdrawable cash bonus after so only down £80. Learnt my lesson, not wasting profit on bingo offers again.

  • @GoProGeeks I done the offer aswell and down 38 overall.

  • @MaxPA
    Hi all,
    I am a bit confused by the instructions for this offer.
    I have placed my £100 (cash element) on the late night games (buying Max tickets).
    I have placed my £250 (bonus element) on the games with reasonable 'full houses'.
    I am at 70% wagering requirement.
    When all my current games have been settled how should I reinvest the balance...on late night games or ones with reasonable fullhouses?
    hope that makes sense.
    any assistance much appreciated.

  • @ToneDef What wagering were you after the £100? And you need to keep doing your winnings like the £250 in reasonable jackpot games until you have completed wagering

  • offer complete....£113 up and then they gave a tenner which i could withdraw as cash and then £2 today!
    easy money :)

  • Hi all , with the bingo offers if you only manage to get half your money on before you start winning and stop ( if ) lol . Do you wait , withdraw any profits and then repeat the process ?

  • What the usual size of the cash bonus they offers folks out of interest?

  • Did this yesterday and came out £98 up. I played the take me out 75 ball game, Max tickets are 36 so it takes quite a long time but i found that it was very good value as there seemed to be an overlay a lot of the time. They have a minimum jackpot of £10 - £20 and it would very rarely go over this.
    What I found strange was there were times where i would win 5 or 6 in a row a few times when there must of been hardly anyone else in with tickets. My best time was actually between 6-7pm. My worst was between 8-10pm were there seemed to be more advanced buy players and I didn't win for 30 odd games on the trot. I know luck comes into it and this isn't a dramatically barren run but there where about 10-15 players at both these times so I found it odd this kept happening. I assume there are times when there must be a lot of bonus money being played. For this reason i'm tending to stick to quieter day time slots as I'm guessing there are less people like me at these times and it's working out quite well so far.

  • Completed this today and ended £112 up. As previous poster said, I also used take me out. Did the middle of the night ones last week and then tonight did advance buy on the tickets in the evening with the guaranteed £10+ full house prizes. I think the game history is a bit off as it says I played with £400 and won about £300 today but some of the times of the games were duplicates. Anyway, finished with £212 in my bank after starting from £250 earlier. Just be patient with the middle of the night ones and if possible, do the actual ticket buying just before you go to bed to try and make sure you get games with no one else involved yet. I suppose that it might actually be other people from here you're up against at some point too

  • seems one of the easiest as the take me out room 75 is indeed nice and quiet to just get the wagering through at lowish loss. i swapped to round the clock for the morning session as take me out was down to lower than stake pots - played a couple of hundred through at £10 a go to meet the wagering and im out of this one £145 quid up.

    remember to cash in the Joy points you accumulate as well... worth a quid or so. just go to "shop of joy" on the side menu and theres a points to cash slider/converter.

  • spend 10 play with 50 quid is this worth doing surely easier to spend quick

  • Hi, Is this offer still going, I can only see deposit £10 and enjoy £35 to play...just checking if it is not advertised and I just need to sign up and then deposit £100 to get the £250 bonus.

    thanks, Jamie

  • @jamiewalker1 you should be able to deposit £100 under the same offer.

  • Hi @Lloyd , thanks I will give it a try, I think it is just not advertised, they only advertise the smaller bonus.

  • as i understand it is just a 250% bonus on deposits up to £100

  • @MaxPA link goes to bingo fish offers not jackpot joy