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    This offer is no longer worth doing.

  • This post is deleted!

  • "The maximum Welcome Bonus you can receive is £200."

    "if you deposit £66.67, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of £200, which means that you will have £266.67 credit in your member account to use on the website."

    "You must wager 2 times the value of the Welcome Bonus before you can make a cash withdrawal"

    So have to wager £400 . With a 30% edge we lose (£400*0.3 = ) £120 so therefore a bonus value of £80? So actually more valuable now? Or is that maths wrong?

  • I've just completed this offer. Bonus is less but so is the wagering as above. From a £66.67 deposit I cleared £118.17 profit. Definitely has value.

  • So whats the best way to tackle this offer then? wait until the 2am - 6am for the Risk free way or just lump and buy tickets as normal?
    And am i right in thinking i just deposit 6667 now instead of the 75 quid?
    I'm keen on the bingo offers, won about 100 profit from a few of the dragonfish casino offers so i know they can offer some good returns.

    Thanks bud, appreciate it.

  • @timdriver how did you go about buying your tickets bud? Cheers

  • Yep just deposit £66. I pre-purchased about £90 of tickets for 4-5am and won around £45. Then I switched o the Snap room where most of the time I was the only 1 in there. Buying a single £1 ticket to win a 74p jackpot. Occasionally i'd get a £2-£4 bonus based on the hand you get dealt (you have a set of cards that need to be matched to the 52 that are drawn out. Poker hands = bonuses. You can't pre-buy tickets so it was a long slow slog. When I got down to around £20 to go I bought some normal bingo tickets. Also did a stint of normal bingo in the middle to mix it up a bit.

  • @timdriver sweet i'll give it a go, the snap sounds a good idea taking only 26p loss per hand and will get through the wagering amounts. appreciate your help pal :-)

  • So Fabulous Bingo is the same as Heart Bingo, just seen one guy win the jackpot in fabulous 75 ball, and he also won in the 75 at heart at the same time. Now the next game is starting at exactly the same time. Maybe I've messed up here by trying to do both offers in the same night!

    Also Heart bingo isn't letting me buy advance tickets, just shows a blank screen when I click on it :(

  • yeah i've noticed the 75 ball is a linked game meaning there are more players, I didn't know which sites but you've obviously answered that lol. I'm gonna wait until its a little quieter before I play the 75 ball game, seeing 50/60/70 players so might be extremely hard to get a win whatsoever as there are no lines to win just the full house

  • Hi, is this partner friendly? If so how long should I wait before signing up?

  • @ral1867 My withdrawal was approved today so obviously they didn't mind too much that I was essentially guaranteeing risk free profit! I did make sure to do some mug bingo mixed in as well and definitely at the end. Most of the Snap games were just me playing but occasionally someone else joined and i played with them for a bit - not too much though as i didn't want them eating into my profits.

  • Just thought I would post an update on how I'm doing.
    Last night I deposited £66.67 (or however much it was for the full 200% bonus), I started buying tickets in rooms just after 10pm and didn't seem to win anything. I then found the advance buy and bought tickets all through the night spending it all on games with over £30 jackpot. This morning I've checked and only have £80 in there so looks like it's not going to go in my favour. I'll spend the rest for tonights games and hope for the best.

    Doing better on the heart bingo at the moment although I was starting to think that was going to be a complete loss too, so far I'm about £50 profit including the next £70 left to wager, hopefully hit another win before wagering is complete and earn more!

  • @ben_pz are you on the Snap game now? started making me lose lol so I had to stop or we would be screwing each other over!!!

  • ha yeah sorry. You carry on if you like

  • @ben_pz lol I lost about 3 in a row so decided to stop no point costing each other money. Alternate if ya want? Like 5 hands then switch and let the other do the next 5, then we can both get through this bonus?

  • Sorry about that. I got lucky on the bingo anyway and hit a small jackpot. Up £500

  • Just logged back in to see if I had any winnings from last night, nothing only a balance of 9p, but I tried out that daily pleasures thing and won 15 free spins. The free spins won me £25, I had £10 left to wager on bingo to withdraw so spent that and can now withdraw £15, at least I got some of my deposit back!

  • Well finished the bonus with a total of £136.78 so a profit of £70.11 and just sent for withdrawal so not bad at all.
    Few things I picked up on from myself and other members (take it or leave it)....

    1. Don't pre buy bingo tickets and then go to sleep, i see it didn't work for @Napoleon and it didn't work for me either. Personally i spent 50 quid on tickets for games between 3am and 5am that had current jackpots of either £7 or £14 ( I had 150 tickets in each game so I assumed I'd win at least 2/3 out of the 5) and when i woke up i lost it all, basically i'm not sure if i was just damn right unlucky or if more people do the same thing meaning its harder to win?

    2. My success came in the 75 ball bingo when the jackpot's we're between 40-70 pound and there we're about 20-30 members in there, i kept buying max tickets (one at a time) and won a couple of the jackpots. Once I had done this and won a few I then switched to the 'Madrid' snap room on @teedee 's advice and that worked well. Very very slow and majority of the time you will be in there on your own, just kept buying £1 hands and winning 74p back so only losing 26quid out of every 100 spent, although you do get 2/3/4 quid bonuses a few times so that cuts your losses to probably only £10 per £100 spent (90 return out of every 100 spent, cant grumble). I basically worked myself through the bonus this way, took me a few nights and just chucked some bingo games in there along the way.

    I Hope this helps you and Good Luck guys.

  • I usually average around £100 profit on these - as the poster above has pointed out you want to be targeting jackpots around the £50-£80 mark as below that it's not enough money and above that the chances of winning are too low.

    My tactics are to pre-buy if possible on the 75 ball Bingo between midnight and around 2am. See what the games are like after that jackpot wise. Best win was £3k+ as I got the super jackpot thing which was handy.

    ANomaly on Fabulous Bingo that worked for me was I deposited a further £10 which gave me £15 to play with (second deposit offer). However this changed the wagering requirements to just needing to wager the £15 twice! I did that (so bet £30) and it let me keep the whole £200 sign up bonus as the second deposit wagering requirements overrode the sign up wagering requirements! That may have been a fluke or a glitch so don't bank on it and for me I tried it on Sun Bingo and Caesars and it didn't work there but on Fabulous Bingo it most certainly did.