Bingola - £5 Risk-Free

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    This site is a member of the Dragonfish family. So be sure you do these offers one at a time.

    Bingola are offering £5 free to new customers. You do not need to deposit to claim this. Open your account using the link below and then attach a debit card to the account. Do not deposit at this point.

    Open one of the bingo games and buy tickets, if you still have funds remaining then open up another bingo game and buy more tickets. Repeat the process until you have exactly £0 funds left.

    The bonus needs to be wagered through four times (£20) before you can withdraw.

    Wait until all of your games have been played and then refresh your balance to see how much you have won. If you have winnings then keep buying tickets either until you lose your entire balance or until your winnings go into your cash balance.

    Prior to a first withdrawal, a minimum of £20 must be deposited. When you do this you need to opt out of the first deposit bonus. Minimum withdrawal is £30 so ensure you deposit enough to take your total balance above £30. Note that the terms state that players must make at least one Bingo or Instant Game wager to qualify for a withdrawal. However, we have had previous success withdrawing without wagering.

    This is risk-free but you aren't guaranteed to make a profit.

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    Has no one had a go at this offer yet then?

  • I had a go. Didn't win anything

  • I tried this offer. Even when I had zeroed my balance by purchasing all tickets my bonus balanced remained at £0.01. This meant when I did win, it went straight into my bonus balance rather than my real balance. It looks as if the trick above doesn't work for this offer.

  • damn.. spent all the £10 apart from 1p and it won't allow me to use the 1p room so if i do win money will it go back to bonus being as I've not managed to spend it all?

    Edit... didnt win anything from the £9.99 i managed to spend anyway!

  • Tried to deposit £20 to use the remaining £0.04 and it gave me a £50 bonus (which I didn't get the chance to refuse), now the site won't let me back in and no emails are being sent from them to me to re-set my password !!

  • tried it, nothing for me though

  • withdrawn £44.10 boom!

  • Played with all £10, and won £14 but it went into bonus money. Kept on buying cards, but it only went into the bonus pot. Not sure if this one works?

  • @katy1234 same for me it probably has to be wagered 4x like some of the others. admins should update soon @JamesPA

  • Its still Risk Free, and more chance for a bigger win I guess.

  • Loophole defo doesn't work on this but never the less is worth it since it's a free £10.

  • Nothing on this one, onto the next!

  • £13 winnings on this one, also deposited £20 to withdraw was given £50 bonus but was able to take my £33 out without wagering.

  • Won £2.20, chucked it on again, and lost.

  • This appears to be false. signed up on 2 separate accounts (different ips and addresses) and no bonus given for either

  • £12 profit. Bought max tickets in 90 and 75 ball rooms to begin with. Had a few small line wins and was lucky as hit a £25 full house win. As soon as you have spent £40 in total the bonus converts to cash balance (keep an eye on it via banking / withdrawal page as can see bonus and cash balance). Deposited, spent 80p on a few more tickets and withdrew. Worth a go as risk free. Nice one to start on for people new to bingo offers as the "loophole" of getting your bonus balance to zero to get winnings as cash does not apply here, so you can take it slowly if you want to. Watched a few games play through but soon got bored!!

  • £24.41 Profit - played through Bonus Amount until above was Real Cash. Deposited £30 then withdrew £54.41 - no problems.

  • @Pjhaynes2 Yup, me too. Just tried this one and Angry Bingo and nothing.

  • @danielanyder I emailed them yesterday mate and they said apparently my debit card didnt pass security screening or some rubbish. its just a standard uk visa debit. bizarre